PAS 3002:2018

This is a code of practice on improving health and wellbeing within an organisation.

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) was sponsored by Hitachi Europe Ltd. Its development was facilitated by BSI Standards Limited and it was published under licence from The British Standards Institution. It came into effect on 20 April 2018.

Health is everybody’s concern and this PAS is focussed on the potential contribution of the organization to overall health and wellbeing. In the UK, the NHS and DWP (and hence the taxpayer) effectively subsidise poor management practice as the actions taken to prevent this public health issue are not taken and the consequent costs of stress-related damage are not met by the employing organisations

Increasingly organisations are being asked to meet their responsibilities and needs in relation to health and wellbeing in order to:

  • provide healthy workplaces and work to protect people from harm;
  • provide early intervention to help prevent people being absent for health reasons;
  • improve opportunities for rehabilitation from illness while at work;
  • use the workplace to promote individual health and wellbeing; and
  • enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.

This PAS is applicable to any organisation regardless of size, type and nature. The target audience of the PAS is top management within large organisations but it could also be of use to small and medium-sized enterprises and worker representatives.

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