ISO 22301

Continued operations in the event of a disruption, whether due to a major disaster or a minor incident, including a pandemic such as Covid-19 is a fundamental requirement for any organisation.
ISO 22301, Societal security – Business continuity management system is the world’s standard for business continuity management, has been developed to help you minimise the risk of such disruptions.

By helping to put the fundamentals of a business continuity management system in place, the standard is designed to keep your business going during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances – protecting your staff, preserving your reputation, and providing the ability to continue to operate and trade.

It provides a basis for understanding, developing, and implementing business continuity within your organisation and gives you confidence in business-to-business and business-to customer dealings. It also contains a comprehensive set of requirements based on business continuity management best practice and covers the whole organisation life-cycle.

Who is it relevant to?

ISO 22301 is suitable for any organisation, large or small, from any sector. It is particularly relevant for organisations which operate in high risk environments such as finance, telecommunications, transport, and the public sector, where the ability to continue operating is paramount for the organisation itself and its customers and stakeholders.

Based on the principles of Annex SL, IMS-SAPIRA have produced an easy to use and cost-effective way to implement your management system with the ability to add new standards in the future. Contact us for further details and a quote.