Ten Top Tips for management systems

Tip #1 Reduce costs. Avoiding duplication in internal audits, documented information, training, and administration, adopting management systems fit for the future will be much more effective.

Tip #2 Time savings. A single management system review is required. Think of the time and money saved in important senior management meetings.

Tip #3 Use a strategic approach. Look at the business from a high level to manage business risks. The consequences of any action are considered across the whole, ensuring that the associated risk mitigation is more inclusive.

Tip #4 Reduce duplication and bureaucracy. A single set of processes and streamlined procedures ensures the requirements of the specific standards are coordinated and disparate systems avoided.

Tip #5 Reduce conflict between departments. By avoiding separate ’empires’ for the likes of quality, environment and health & safety, responsibilities are made clear from the outset and silos destroyed.

Tip #6 Improve communication. By having one set of objectives, a clear mission and values, a team culture can thrive, and improved internal and external communication will result.

Tip #7 Enhance business focus. This single set of strategic objectives of the organisation can contribute to continual improvement overall. Senior Management can rely on the staff managing the operations whilst they keep an eye at a strategic level.

Tip #8 Improve staff morale and motivation. Linking roles and responsibilities to objectives and measurable outputs, makes change and new initiatives easier to implement and a produces a more dynamic and successful company.

Tip #9 Optimise internal and external audits. Integrated Management Systems require fewer internal and external audits and reduces demand on resources as a result.

Tip #10 Take the first steps to increased profit by doing a gap analysis against all the relevant Standards. Then decide what needs to be done – don’t try and mould your business into the Standards – this will never work.

Based on the principles of Annex SL, IMS-SAPIRA have produced an easy to use and cost-effective way to implement your management system with the ability to add new standards in the future. Contact us for further details and a quote.